The Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union

The Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union (HKCCCU) is a Christian organization with a long history. HKCCCU was founded in 1915, by the concerted efforts of seven Christian churches, namely, the London Missionary Society, the Anglican Church, the Congregational Council, the Chinese Rhenish Church, the Tsung Tsin Church, the Methodist Church and the Baptist Church. In 1948, the Union was registered as a legal organization (Hong Kong Register of Societies No.1025). At present, there are around 306 member churches and a total of more than 200,000 Christian members.

Since its inception, the HKCCCU Education Committee has been providing all-round Christian education by means of forums and youth camps. HKCCCU has established scholarships for theological education and it publishes a weekly newsletter, “Christian Weekly,” which provides a channel for churches to express their views.

On its 85th anniversary, HKCCCU created its first school to realize the teachings of the Bible and to encourage Christians to serve and be a beacon of hope for others. Logos Academy, a “through-train” school, combines both primary and secondary education. The establishment of Logos Academy expresses the Christian commitment for both the pursuit of quality life and education, as well as the fulfilling the Christian ideal of serving the community. HKCCCU will also continue to serve the people of Hong Kong through evangelistic activities, educational services, medical services, charity work, and publications.