To ensure dedication and loving concern for our next generation, Logos Academy expects our staff members to be teachers of integrity, diligence, and to be trustworthy. As a team, they are expected to respect and nourish each other for both academic and spiritual growth. They are also expected to set themselves as role models for our students in both their speech and actions.

Besides the qualities mentioned, all teachers are university degree holders with post-graduate training in teaching. The core members of the teaching staff are experienced teachers who possess higher degrees in their own areas of interests. These teachers have expertise in curriculum design, educational psychology, counseling, research, information technology, physical education, fine arts and administration. We hope to establish a holistic, ever-improving learning community at Logos Academy.

In order to maintain a high quality team of committed educators, the school is not only prepared to provide comparable salary for our teachers, but we work on comprehensive policies to strengthen teacher development through induction programmes and in-service training. In addition, we encourage teachers to participate in seminars and workshops to improve through continuing education and constant self reflection. To broaden teachers’ international horizons, the school also makes arrangements for teachers to visit primary and secondary schools all over the world so they are able to share experiences with and learn from co-workers beyond our community. The school also publishes the results of education and action research to encourage active participation and to share with parents our teachers’ expertise and experiences.

Outstanding teachers are wisdom in disguise and quintessence of excellent conduct. They are going to be the best assets of Logos Academy and the best friends of the parents of our children.

Information of Teaching Staff (including School Head)

Number of teachers : 166

Qualifications and professional training (% of Teachers)
Teacher Certificate / Diploma in Education : 97%
Bachelor Degree : 100%
Master / Doctorate Degree or above : 55%
Special Education Training : 16%

Working Experiences (% of Teachers)
0 – 4 years : 22%
5 – 9 years : 22%
≥10 years : 56%