Interdisciplinary Learning: School Assembly on the theme of “History of Three Kingdoms”

Academic Year
2023 - 2024
Secondary Division

In order to enhance students’ understanding and interest in the history of “Three Kingdoms” (三國歷史), Chinese History subject, Chinese Language subject, and National Education Team collaborated to organize the Junior Assembly on March 6 on the theme of the history of Three Kingdoms. We were honored to invite Dr. Michael Fung (馮天樂博士) to the school to give a lecture on the history of Three Kingdoms to junior secondary students. Dr. Fung holds a doctoral degree in History from National Chengchi University (NCCU) in Taiwan. Despite being afflicted with retinal pigmentary degeneration since childhood, his unfortunate circumstances did not deter him. He actively engages in social service and promotes history education.

That day, five DS4 students (DS4T  CHENG Hui Wang, DS4T  KWOK Chun Ting, DS4T  CHEUNG Yiu Chi Tavia, DS4T  YEUNG See Ting, DS4Y  YEUNG See Yu) acted characters from the Three Kingdoms period in a historical short play titled “孔明妙計”. School principal Dr. Richard Lee also attended the event and took photos with the guests to show his support.